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Debbie - "My Tribute"
Doc and Daina - "Where Could I Go"
Doc and Debbie - "What A Glorious Day That Will Be"
Gary - "Bridge"
Cheryl - "Give Me They Heart"
Charles - "Hidden Valleys"
Praise Team - "I Surrender" (Rick Luke Kaylee Daina Lori Lisa Mark)
Praise Team - "Lay Em Down" with Charles on Sax
Doc - "Mansion Over The Hilltop"
Doc "Mercy Walked In"
Mark - "The Star Spangled Banner" Verse 4
Mark and Daina - Testify

Mark a
nd Daina - Testify - 04 June 2017
Doc and Gary - "Me And God"
Doc at Men's Fellowship 23 May 2011 "Keep Me In Your Will"
Praise Team - "Where The Soul Never Dies"  (Luke, Rick, Lori, Jainie, Daina, Lisa)